20140001 The complainant appeared before a judge in an application for divorce
20140002 As a result of a police investigation, the complainant’s employer learned that the complainant had a criminal record
20140003 In a legal matter involving ownership of a house by two Estates as joint tenants in which one party wanted sole ownership, the complainant alleged that the judge, in coming to a settlement agreement, placed him under “duress” and “coerced” him into signing a settlement agreement, while preventing his counsel from making submissions
20140004 A complainant wrote on behalf of his mother, now deceased, alleging that a judge failed to properly consider evidence in a case involving the tax assessment of a real estate endeavour by his parents
20140005 In a high-conflict separation matter involving a dispute over custody and access of a complainant’s son, the complainant accused the judge of rude and arrogant behaviour and claimed that the judge laughed at her during the proceedings
20140006 A complainant who had appeared in a family law matter wrote to the Council to allege that the judge was rude and insulting, did not listen to evidence and told him to get a second job
20140007 The complainant is a university professor who wrote to add his concern about the way a judge had handled a high profile issue involving Aboriginals
20140008 In 2005, a woman was allegedly the victim of violence by a man and suffered some injury and was treated in hospital and released
20140009 The complainant was involved in a high conflict family court matter after which she complained that the judge was biased, reprimanded her and her partner for making faces and gestures in the courtroom when they were not; allowed her ex-husband to admit any evidence and witnesses he wished; made “highly negative and almost libellous statements” about the complainant’s lack of credibility and on the lack of impartiality of her expert witnesses; and drew unsubstantiated conclusions in her ruling regarding the complainant’s motivation and anger
20140010 Council received a complaint from a woman who had actively sought to participate in the defence of her husband and business partner who was the subject of a criminal trial and who was ultimately sentenced to six months in jail for filing false tax returns and on tax fraud charges
20140011 A complainant who was self-represented appeared before a judge in a family law matter
20140012 In a family court matter involving access to a child, a judge granted the father’s application for interim parenting to the dismay of the child’s mother who until then had allowed very limited access
20140013 The complainant, who is a lawyer, realized a few days after crossing the border that she had lost her foreign passport, Identity Card and some photographs. Ten months after that, she recalled that these documents had been seized by a Border Services Officer
20140014 The complainant is a father who appeared before a judge in a custody matter
20140015 In a matter in which a woman was suing her parents the judge was seized with determining whether or not there was liability on the part of the parents
20140016 As a result of a high-conflict separation between a common-law couple, a complainant wrote to express his concern that the judge displayed bias and improper behaviour towards him
20140017 The complainant was involved in a family law matter regarding his disabled son
20140018 A judge dismissed a complainant’s application for an increase in and retroactive child support
20140019 The complainant appeared before a particular judge on multiple occasions in a divorce and custody matter
20140020 The complainant was ordered to pay child and spousal support but did not pay and fled the country.
20140021 As a result of a long and bitter family law matter involving a dispute over the custody and access of two young boys, a complainant made allegations of bias because she asked to see all of the evidence relating to a previous hearing an that the judge engaged in ex parte communications by publicly discussing the matter with the complainant, listened to gossip, ignored the rules of the court and circumvented the process and proceeded to lecture him in court
20140022 Following a one day hearing, a judge requested a memorandum from counsel setting out the areas in agreement before preparing his reasons
20140023 The complainant appeared before a judge in a family matter
20140024 The complainant wrote in relation to his divorce proceedings
20140025 The complainant is charged on two serious direct indictments, has been in jail for the past several years and suffers from various illnesses and injuries
20140026 The complainant appeared before a judge over a four day trial
20140027 The complainant filed for divorce from his wife. Both owned and operated a freight brokerage company
20140028 The complainant is an immigration lawyer who sought leave to appeal on a particular matter, which was denied by the judge without reasons
20140029 In a family law matter involving a former couple and their child and issues such as summer vacation, kindergarten vs day care, where the child will spend his birthday, arrears and support, the complainant wrote to say she was of the view that the entire process was unfair to her
20140030 The complainant initially wrote to the Council accusing judges of acting illegally, losing moral authority, breaching the principles of gender equality and tolerating perjury
20140031 The complainant’s son was charged with various criminal offences of violence and had been in custody for several years
20140032 The complainant appeared before a judge in a family matter
20140033 The complainant is a law clerk student
20140034 The complainant had been living in a relatively small city in Northern Canada with his wife and her two daughters
20140035 The complaint concerned a family matter that involved the complainant’s daughter, husband and two children
20140036 The complainant wrote on behalf of her unmarried adult son who is the father of a young boy and who has been involved in conflict over custody and access issues since the child’s birth
20140037 A letter clarifying the mandate of the Council was sent to the complainant following his initial complaint
20140038 Council received several letters concerning the same matter
20140039 The complainant’s stepdaughter was involved in family litigation over the custody and access of a child
20140040 A complainant alleged that a judge did not let him present certain evidence or speak to defend himself; only let him partially answer a few questions; only listened to the other party; and extended a restraining order based on events that did not involve the complainant, some of which he alleged were lies
20140041 The complainant wrote to request a reconsideration of his original complaint which had been determined to be without merit
20140042 As a result of a large-scale police investigation involving drug trafficking and illegal gang activity, the complainant was amongst several people arrested
20140043 Following a legal separation, a complainant’s spouse sued him over the division of assets
20140044 A letter clarifying the mandate of the Council was originally sent to this complainant
20140045 A complainant wrote to Council with an allegation that a judge did not make a decision in accordance with the Canadian judicial guidelines, but acted according to his own will by introducing his own determinative evidence in the form of case law
20140046 The complainant was involved in two separate lawsuits with his Union
20140047 The complainant appeared before a judge in an application for a divorce
20140048 The complainant was requesting a reconsideration of her initial complaint to Council
20140049 The complainant appeared on his own behalf before a judge to argue a Motion to vary a final order in a family court matter
20140050 In a family law matter where custody, primary care and access of children are at issue, a judge ordered shared joint custody of the children with the complainant being the primary custodial parent
20140051 The complainant appeared before a judge in a Judicial Dispute Resolution and on several applications that followed
20140052 The complainant married in a foreign country although he lived in Canada
20140053 The complainant appeared before the judge in a contentious custody matter which including an 18 day trial
20140054 A complainant wrote to Council asking for reconsideration of a previous complaint