20170001 Complainant alleged that they were pressured and under duress and were coerced into accepting an inadequate settlement offer from a traffic accident.
20170002 Complainant alleged Justice C made an error in his decision against the Town and appealed to have the case reopened.
20170003 In a family law case, the complainant alleges several judges were racist, biased and corrupt.
20170004 Complainant claims the Judge destroyed a response letter from court services and that these actions were based on “multiple bias” and “politically motivated”.
20170005 The complainant asks that her complaint be reconsidered.
20170006 Complainant was of the view that the Judge presiding her family law case was biased, unfair and lacked integrity.
20170007 The complainant alleges that the judge violated his right to counsel by refusing to adjourn the matter.
20170008 A complainant is alleging that a judge refused to acknowledge receipt and process complaints against a deputy judge.
20170009 Complainant requests a criminal investigation against two individuals who are not judges, and a new trial.
20170010 This is the complainant's fourth complaint about a case before the same judge.
20170011 Complainant makes a request to reconsider the disposition of a previous complaint.
20170012 The complainant alleges that the judges presiding the matter disregarded court rules, failed to penalize the opposing party for perjury, and made unfair decisions.
20170013 Complainant alleges Justice acted as “an advocate” and his conduct was “less than judicial in terms of full fairness of the hearing.”
20170014 The complainant indicated that she is in disagreement with the judge’s decision to grant leave.
20170015 The complainant alleges that the judge in his matter involving a settlement relating to a motor vehicle accident, misappropriated funds as much as $30,000 illegally to his son’s litigation guardian.
20170016 Complainant complains about a judge’s decision.
20170017 The complainant alleges that the judge spoke with an extreme egotistical condescending behaviour, was arrogant in his words and actions, was laughing at the behaviour of the lawyers almost in an abusive manner, lacked professionalism and continued to say how he had to leave at 3:45.
20170018 Complainant alleges differential treatment on part of the judge towards the defence and the Crown.
20170019 The complainant has already previously filed this complaint.
20170020 Complainant complains of the difficulties experienced in several court proceedings.
20170021 The complainant alleges partiality, collusion and incompetence on the part of the judge.
20170022 The complainant reiterates the same complaint for the fourth time.
20170023 The complainant alleges the judge was biased and prejudiced.
20170024 The complainant alleges that the judge is biased and refuses to hear her as result of being self-represented.
20170025 The complainant alleges that the judge disregarded and ignored false affidavits provided to the Court by the opposing party.