About the council

The Canadian Judicial Council is a federal body created under the Judges Act  with the mandate to promote efficiency, uniformity, and accountability, and to improve the quality of judicial service in the superior courts of Canada.

The Council is also mandated to review any complaint or allegation against a superior court judge or a prothonotary of the Federal Court.

The Council is chaired by the Chief Justice of Canada, currently the Right Honourable Richard Wagner.  There are 38 other Council members, who are the chief justices and associate chief justices of Canada’s superior courts, the senior judges of the territorial courts, and the Chief Justice of the Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada.

Please explore our website, where in this section, you will learn about the following:

Mandate and Powers

How the Council works and the powers that it holds.

Council’s role in Conduct Matters

The authority of Council to review the conduct of federal judges.


Council does much of its work through permanent and standing committees.

Members and Staff

Supporting the work of Council is a small but dedicated team of professionals.