20160001 In a letter, a complainant alleged that the judge was biased, obstructed justice, and abused his position of power.
20160002 A complainant alleged that the judge was biased and showed pejorative behaviour.
20160003 A complainant alleged that the judge was partial, arrogant and showed poor temperament when presiding over his family law court matter.
20160004 A complainant wrote to express his dissatisfaction with the outcome of his court appearance.
20160005 A complainant alleged that the judge intentionally lied in three paragraphs of his decision with respect to the motion to strike, thus demonstrating his authority and impunity, as well as the impossibility of an appeal.
20160006 In a letter, a complainant alleged that his judge’s management of his disability case seemed unfair and irregular.
20160007 An allegation is made that the judge was biased and demonstrated a bias in favor of the opposing party during the trial and in his judgment, treating the parties differently, in particular making valuable and friendly comments to the opposing party.
20160008 An allegation concerning the lack of impartiality of the judge and his "non-neutrality."
20160009 The complainant alleges that the judge prevented him from speaking on several occasions. It should be noted that the complainant was represented by counsel and it was up to the lawyer to present the file.
20160010 The complainant alleges that the judge lacked ethics and judgment.
20160011 The complainant explained in a letter to Council the difficulties met with a family law case and asked for some assistance.
20160012 A complaint was filed about the judicial proceedings that took place in 2014 regarding a family law matter.
20160013 The complaint concerns the manner Justice conducted the hearing, the decisions he made and the orders issued.
20160014 The complainant was in court responding to a bankruptcy trial and was questioned by the judge regarding certain missing assets.
20160015 The complainant alleged that the judge shouted at her during her hearing and claimed the judge was constantly talking over her.
20160016 The complainant alleged his settlement agreement was obtained under duress. This is a legal issue, and only a court may decide the matter.
20160017 The complainant alleged bias and bullying stating that he felt under constant attack throughout the hearing.
20160018 A complainant wrote but did not identify any conduct about which he wished to complain.
20160019 Council cannot review the manner in which a judge exercised their judicial discretion in the conduct of a case for the purpose of intervening in the judicial process.
20160020 A complainant wrote to Council to contest the granting of a summary judgment against him in a case that involved the Bank of Canada.
20160021 The complainant indicated that Judge X issued an Order in his family law matter.
20160022 A complainant wrote to complain about the judge’s adverse findings against him and alleged that the judge had consulted counsel from his former spouse.
20160023 A complainant wrote to complain about court proceedings.